Backpacking in The Tetons

all other priorities rescinded

The highlight of our Wyoming trip was heading out into the “backcountry” of the Tetons, which is VERY different from, say, the backcountry of Denali. In the Tetons, there are visible trails and all sorts of signs that provide such important information as how many miles it is to the next checkpoint (always too many), that you are entering a camping area (which usually prompts tears of relief), and even where the established campsites can be found.

After some careful planning  i.e., Bob flirting with one ranger in the Visitor Center while I diligently studied the map and did not flirt with the other one, we decided to hike up Cascade Canyon and down Paintbrush Canyon. It wasn’t a full circumnavigation of the peaks, which is what I would have liked to have done if we only had more time. Another day.

The whole hike was about 20 miles, and annoyingly energetic morning people enterprising hikers can do it…

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