Haseen Vaadiyan (The sight of Upper Himachal)


Well! I’ve been thinking a lot what my next blog should be about. For very long nothing could strike my mind, I definitely wanted my second blog to be better than the previous so couldn’t take any chance to choose any randoms. All thanks to my roomie for her inquisitiveness about hills. Ever since she came to know I’m from Shimla, believe me all she gives me is a haunting gaze whenever she finds me doing nothing. And then there she goes freaking me up with her stupid questions . She’s even been stupid enough to ask me ” Is is snowing there?” (in the month September) and all I could do was laugh helplessly. But I don’t put her at fault someone who has never visited a hill station can afford to sound a nut. So giving her inquisition due importance this blog is dedicated to her and to…

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