Shaggy Goes To The Mountains

O Shaggy Re

british-columbiaAfter a lot of pleading and begging, my parents finally agreed to let me go on a solo trip to The Himalayas. The best birthday gift. I was off to heavens and was as happy as the pig in the shit.

I decided not to go to the common tourist destinations rather chose a less crowded place, where you actually get to feel the presence of the mighty monstrous mountain beside you. I had heard so much about the Himalayan highways. I decided to travel on one. The Leh Manali Highway. I wanted to hitchhike, but it would’ve been tiresome and risky so I dropped this idea. Boarded the early morning bus. Now, I don’t even know how to describe the beauty, the amazement, the genius. Simply fascinating. There’s no better philosophy teacher than the window seat of the bus. I vomited 3 times before we finally stopped to eat…

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