The Palace of the Millionaire: Hearst Castle

Under Western Skies

One of life’s great pleasures (for those of us whose wealth IS limited) is imagining what we’d do if we actually had inexhaustible wealth.

Clearly, one of the first things to do (once your turn comes) is build one or more palaces of staggering grandeur. There’s a proud tradition of doing so, stretching back into the mists of prehistory.

William Randolph Hearst certainly got the message and took action on a gargantuan scale.

Born to wealth in 1863, Hearst fulfilled his role as a scion of privilege and was booted out of Harvard. Casting about for something to do, he turned his attention to The San Francisco Examiner. His millionaire father owned the newspaper courtesy of payment of a gambling debt (obviously playing for higher stakes than most of us are accustomed to). The young Hearst took hold of it and made it enormously successful. Writers who worked for the…

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