Top Ten Things Not to Do Traveling by a Train

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California Zephyr

The inspiration for this list is the fact that my producer is on the Amtrack California Zephyr from Davis California to Omaha Nebraska. She will be enjoying the route through the High Sierras and will be spending two nights on the train. The idea was to go with girlfriends and take a historic route to their final destination of Omaha. There she will be watching the Longines FEI world cup horse jumping and dressage finals. I hope you enjoy the list.

Top Ten Things Not to Do Traveling by Train

10 If you are traveling by train, do not think you can sit just anywhere. If you do, at best you may be lucky and not take someone’s seat. At worst, you’ll get comfortable only to discover Tiny the WWF champ has a seat reservation where you are sitting. (Notice how quickly Tiny reacts when things don’t go his way, Bunky.)


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