Top 10 Places to visit in June outside India.

1. Nepal

Image result for nepal

Image Credit: Kathmandu Tribune

2. Bhutan

Image result for bhutan

Image Credit: World Expeditions

3. Indonesia

Image result for Indonesia

Image Credit: BookMundi

4. Singapore

Image result for Singapore

Image Credit: YouTube

5. Thailand

Image result for Thailand

Image Credit: Soar legs


Image result for Qatar city

Image Credit: KarryOn

7. Sri Lanka

Image result for sri lanka culture

Image Credit: Lakpura Travels

8. Myanmar

Image result for Myanmar

Image Credit: HappyCow

9. Cambodia

Image result for Cambodia

Image Credit: Passport Health

10. Seychelles

Image result for Seychelles

Image Credit: Africa Facts


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Added to my bucketlist. Thanks for sharing some out of the box locations

    1. Thanks Rakhi 🙂

  2. frejatravels says:

    Great list. I am missing no. 2 and 10 to visit.

Many Many thanks for your visit and support comment :)

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