The History of Tea Drinking In India.

The documented proof consistent with the history of tea drinking in India dates back to 750 BC. Tea in India is usually grownup within the North regions and therefore the hills. Having evolved since those time period, tea drinking in India has currently come back a protracted manner.

Agriculture of hilltribe women

Nowadays this nation is proud to be one in every of the most important tea producers within the world. Buddhist monks in India have used tea for its healthful worth since thousands of years. According to a really attention-grabbing legend, the history of tea drinking in India began with a beatific Buddhist monk concerning virtually 2000 years past. It therefore happened that this monk World Health Organization later became the founding father of Zen Buddhism, determined to pay seven sleepless years considering the life and teachings of Buddha.

Cup of coffee with a blurred background

Whereas he was within the fifth year of his contemplation and prayer, he virtually fell asleep. He took some leaves from a close-by bush and started change of state them. These leaves revived him and enabled him to remain awake as he chewed on them whenever he felt drowsy. Therefore he was ready to complete his penance for seven years. These were the leaves of the wild tea plant.

Fresh tea leaves in morning on tea plantation field

As per the history of tea drinking in Bharat, native folks won’t to brew and drink tea exploitation the leaves of the wild native tea plants. Since that point, completely different kinds of tea have emerged; the foremost celebrated among them is that the Darjeeling tea. The industrial production of tea in Bharat was started by nation Malay Archipelago Company and large tracts of land are completely developed into tea estates that manufacture varied varieties of tea.

Wood floor green tea and fresh leaves

According to the records, province tea is called when the region from wherever the tea comes and has revolutionized the tea drinking habits of the Indians. Most Indians drink tea with milk and sugar. historically, a guest in any Indian house is welcome with a cup of tea.


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