The top most Haunted places in Delhi.

I don’t live in darkness, darkness lives in me.

Delhi Cantonment – Despite the fact that professed to be the most secure zone of Delhi, Delhi Cantonment is clearly not sheltered from spine-chilling elements. It is evaluated as the most spooky spot in Delhi. Numerous individuals have professed to see a horrible lady enveloped by a white saree requesting a lift and when denied in this way, following the vehicle with coordinating rate of the vehicle.

Brick House in the Middle of the Woods Under Cloudy Day Sky

Agrasen Ki Baoli – Creepiest of all the spooky places in Delhi, this Baoli is professed to be a home of shades of malice. When loaded up with dark otherworldly water who attracted individuals to end it all in it by suffocating, this 104 dimension step-well gives you creep the further you drop the means. You may feel the nearness of different creatures or some unaccounted clamors around you.

Burning Firewoods

Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station-The generally tranquil sub-city of Dwarka, Delhi makes them agitate encounters moved up its kitty too. Simply outside the passageway to the metro station, individuals have been overwhelmed by a flood of strange vitality push onto them unexpectedly. The paranormal sight of a lady showing up out of the blue before the suburbanites, and after that vanishing with surprising energetic willingness has done nothing to improve the circumstance. The way that a large portion of these encounters occurred amid the night has added to the hypothesis that the spot is plagued with spirits amid the night.

Close Up of Red Rose on Black Background

Khooni Darwaza- Blood-souring shouts and anguished cries can be heard around this verifiable landmark, numerous a period. There are a wide range of renditions of the purposes for this spooky nearness in this most uncovered frequented place in Delhi, as fierce homicide of three rulers and hanging of opportunity contenders by Englishmen. Whatever the reason is, the abrupt drop in temperature and phantoms through dividers of this entryway can give you chills to the bones.

Black Wooden Door Frame

Sanjay Van – A stretch of thick woods in the core of Delhi, extending for around 10 kilometers and referred to all the more prevalently as the lung of the city, Sanjay Van is considered by close-by inhabitants to be a standout amongst the most spooky places in Delhi. Appears to be consummately typical while experiencing its close harmless depiction. Give me a chance to lift the shades for you. The various sepulchers of Sufi holy people in the woods are as far as anyone knows abounding with paranormal vitality, for the backwoods is totally ruined. Drifters who now and again happen to falter inside the backwoods frequently grumble of an agitating voice enticing to them.

Forest Scene

All Pictures shown are for entertainment purpose only. Real place and scene can be different from that.

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