Village Mayong – The immaculate, isolated town that holds one of the most peculiar enchanted backstories on earth.

In northeastern India, there is a city with a legendary history significantly more profound than the Brahmaputra River that goes through it. Named “The Land of Black Magic,” the immaculate, isolated town of Mayong holds one of the most peculiar enchanted backstories on earth.

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While a few towns go down the abilities of cultivating or craftsmanship to the people to come, the older folks of Mayong go down magic and enchantment to the town’s youth.Mayong has been India’s middle for black magic and wizardry since its origin numerous hundreds of years prior. In the beginning of Mayong, legend has it, in the event that you recited “Uran Mantra” you would probably fly through the air and land straightforwardly next to your actual love.According to legend, witches and the holy people of dark enchantment took cover in the Mayong woods years prior. In 1337, Muhammad Shah’s military of 100,000 horsemen died on account of black magic in an area close Mayong, proof to the town’s local people of the high predominance of dark enchantment in the region. Excavators have even discovered swords in Mayong that look like those used to forfeit people in different pieces of India. Mayong today is similarly as dim and creepy, yet marginally progressively open, with the incidental explorer going through town. Local people of Mayong offer palm perusing to these guests and guarantee to have the capacity to anticipate the future with the assistance of broken glass and seashells.


Consistently, a bunch of Indians travel to Mayong either to rehearse dull enchantment and get familiar with the mysteries of black magic or to visit the contiguous Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, which has the world’s densest populace of Indian rhinos. Actually, the creatures and enchantment of Mayong regularly go inseparably. This can be seen at the Mayong- Pobitora Festival, which commends the combination among untamed life and divination.

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