Understand the term Black Magic.

Black magic is said to be that through which a person tries to selfish or does harm to someone. Bengal and Assam have been considered as strongholds of black magic. Through black magic, someone is imprisoned by making a goat or by subduing someone, he can be made to do what he wants. Through the medium of black magic, one can get into any kind of illusion and one can also be killed.

Black magic produces negative energy in the body. These powers are sent by an outsider who has an internal effect on that person. Actually black magic works in a psychological way. Black magicists catch your unconscious mind. It has an effect on your mind. Under black magic, Muttakarni learning, captivating, erection, Maran, ghosts, sorcery and totk etc. are included. Mostly it is also called Tantric learning.

Apart from this, there are many traditional superstitions and tricks which are superstitions, which come from the folk tradition, which have no solid foundation behind it. They can also be the subject of research. Out of this, there are many such things which are part of religion and not many things.

There are many parts of astrology such as Samudra Shastra, Palmistry, Lal Kitab, Numerology, Thumbha Shastra, Palm Patrology, Nandi Nadi Astrology, Panchbird Siddhanta, Nakshatra Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Ramal Shastra, Pancha Vigyan etc. Through this ancient knowledge of India, where information about space, weather and geology is obtained, through it the past and future of a person can also be known.
There are six parts of Vedas called Vedang. One of these six organs is astrology. Nakshatra science was more prevalent in the Vedas and Mahabharatadi texts. There are 30 verses related to astrology in the Rig Veda, 44 verses in the Yajurveda and 162 verses in the Atharvaveda. It takes 84 years for Uranus to come in one sign, 1648 years for Neptun and 2844 years for Pluto.

On the strength of Vedic knowledge, there have been more than one astronomer, astrologer and prophet in India. Among these, Garg, Aryabhata, Bhrigu, Jupiter, Kashyapa, Parashar Varahamihir, Pitraus, Baidyanath etc. are prominent.
Astrology has three major differences: Siddhant Astrology, Samhita Astrology and Hora Shastra.

  • Principal Acharya of Astrology- Brahma, Acharya, Vashistha, Atri, Manu, Paulasya, Romak, Marichi, Angira, Vyas, Narada, Shaunak, Bhrigu, Chyavan, Yavan, Garg, Kashyapa and Parashar.
  • Principal Acharya of Samhita astrology- Muhurta Ganapati, Vivah Martand, Vars Prabodh, Jallabodh, Gangacharya, Narada, Maharishi Bhrigu, Ravana, Varahamihiracharya.
  • Principal Acharya of Hora Shastra- Among the old Acharyas are Parashar, Mansagar, Kalyanavarma, Dushtiraj, Ramdaivagna, Ganesh, Neepti etc.
    Vastu Shastra has been considered as the construction of the city including the construction of house building, palace construction, pool, pond etc. Maharishi Vishwakarma and Mayadanava are the leading architects of ancient India.
    Many types of mysteries related to home construction have been revealed in Indian architecture. Like how the land should be, how should the exterior and interior of the house be like. Also, what are the signs of obstruction during the construction of the house. Indian Vastu Shastra is a miracle. This is proved by the construction of the city of Indraprastha and Dwarka. Water through Vastu without any machinery.

Outpost tying: Banjaras, shepherds or tribal people often do this work. They tie outposts to protect any of their animals or children. Like shepherds lay their child in the shade of a tree and draw a round line with a stick around it. Then some mantras bind the garrison outpost. Due to their use, no scorpion, animal or person of bad intentions can come in the said circle.
It is worth mentioning here that Laxman used this for the protection of Mother Sita, which is today called Laxman Rekha. In fact, many King Maharajas have been trying to tie the garrison to protect their treasury. Even today, his treasure is also safe for this reason. Ravana had tied the outpost of his entire palace.

There are several ways to tie a checkpoint. The outpost is tied to some goddess or deity or Nag Maharaj. Outposts are also tied to Bhairav ​​and ten Mahavidyas. Some people tie the ghosts to the square, and some city gods. It is said that many fabricated treasury posts are tied.

It is believed that the Banjara, Adivasi, Pindari society after putting their wealth in the ground, used to set up a ‘Nag ki chowki’ or ‘ghost post’ by tantra-mantra around that land so that anyone could dig up the said money Could not get it. Whoever came to know of his treasure and tried to steal it, he would face a snake or a ghost.

The exorcists used to exorcise the people by flickering or to cure any disease, to keep an eye or to poison the snake bite. This work is found in some form in every religion even today.
In traditional societies such a person is called Ojha. There are some mental disorders that are not overcome by doctors. In such a situation, people used to resort to exorcists earlier. The action of the exorcist had a profound effect on the mind and it was believed in the mind that now my disease and grief will be removed. This belief used to cure a person.


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