Vishnu Purana.

The principles of all the scriptures have been collected in Vishnu Purana. In this, Ved Vyas ji has told the story of Varahkalp.

Padma Purana.

The origin and history of the creation to Bhishma by Maharishi Pulastya, the greatness of Pushkar Tirtha, the method of Brahma Yagya, various types of donations and fasting,

Brahma Purana.

Brahma Purana is the first among all Puranas. Ved Vyas ji first compiled the Brahma Purana consisting of two parts.

Who are Tantriks & how they perform.

Many types of thoughts come to people’s mind about Tantra-Vidya, which is called Occult. Some people are eager to learn it, while some people consider it very bad. So what’s the matter after all? Is it bad or beneficial? let’s know

Who is Aghori? And how they do meditation?

Aghor means one who is not harsh, not fearful, who is simple, in which there is no discrimination. The first condition to become aghor is to remove hatred from your mind. Aghor Kriya makes the expression easy.

Why are men asked to remove shirts before entering temples in South India ?

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You will find different answers on Internet for this question. Some have certain reasoning while others are followed just because of tradition that has been followed for ages. Our great great grands would have followed the tradition but they dared not to ask the reason behind these practice out…

Banalinga stones from India

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These naturally weathered stones are found in only one riverbed in the world. That is the Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh state in central India. These stones are considered sacred, are an iconic symbol of worship and are ancient and connote divinity. Sacred stones for sale at the 2016 Tucson Gem…