Who are Tantriks & how they perform.

Many types of thoughts come to people’s mind about Tantra-Vidya, which is called Occult. Some people are eager to learn it, while some people consider it very bad. So what’s the matter after all? Is it bad or beneficial? let’s know

Tantric learning can be understood in colloquial language as witchcraft. This knowledge is just a technology. Today you can pick up your mobile phone and talk to anyone whenever you want. Tantric lore is also similar – the only difference is that you can talk to someone in Somewhere without a cell phone. This is a slightly more advanced technology. With the passage of time, when there will be further development of modern technology, then the same will happen with it. Tantric Sadhana is an undertaking to capture the hidden power in nature. During this, whatever happens to the person happens suddenly, which he cannot imagine. If a Sadhak performs Tantra without knowledge and preparation and if any mistake is made in it, then the death of the said Sadhak can also happen. Tantriks worship all the gods, but their method of worship is different and independent. In Chakra Puja and many other pujas, tantric people deal with alcohol, meat and fish very extensively and worship them.Keep a green lemon under the pillow while sleeping at night and pray that whatever negative action has taken place gets absorbed in this lemon. On waking up in the morning, if the lemon withered or gets black in color, then it means that you have been subjected to tantric action.


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