Who is Aghori? And how they do meditation?

Aghor means one who is not harsh, not fearful, who is simple, in which there is no discrimination. The first condition to become aghor is to remove hatred from your mind. Aghor Kriya makes the expression easy. Basically, Aghori is said to be one who can live in a frightening and strange place like a crematorium with the same ease as people live in homes. There are three types of spiritual practice in the Aghori crematorium – cremation ground, Shiva sadhana, and dead body. Such practices often take place at the crematoriums of Tarapith, the crematoriums of Kamakhya Peeth, Trimbakeshwar and the crematoriums of Chakratirtha in Ujjain. There are 10 Tantric Peeths of Aghor Panthis. In Shiva sadhna, meditation is done while standing on the dead body. Aghor Vidya makes a person in such a way that forgetting the feeling of his own alien, he wants every person equally, also uses his knowledge for his good. It is said that the worshipers of Mahakal Shiva, the people of Aghorpanth do cremation at only four places in the land of India. The real Aghori are those who never take an active role in the common world, they are busy only in their spiritual practice. This Aghori form of Shiva is considered to be the most beautiful. In this form Shiva is also called Aughad, which is a symbol of soul detached from the world, absorbed in his own spiritual practice. Aghori Baba does most of his spiritual practice by staying at the cremation ground. They believe that doing sadhna sitting in the crematorium in the dark night in the midst of burning pyres and skeletons gives quick results. It is believed that Aghori Baba does cremation, dead body and Shiva sadhana at the cremation ground. Aghoris are considered to be the ultimate devotees of Lord Shiva. There are many types of sages and saints in Hinduism, but Aghori is different from these. Staying away from worldly and household life, they remain absorbed in the devotion of Shiva. … like Lord Shiva, he applies cremation ash on his body and spends most of his time meditating while doing tantra.


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