Why is it forbidden for women to go to the cremation ground?

Men can go on the last journey of family members, but women are not allowed to go to the cremation ground. It is believed that evil spirits first target women. There are 16 sacraments in Hinduism. In which the last rites i.e. the 16th rites are performed after the death of the person. In Hindus, the last journey is taken out after death. After this the cremation is done. All the men of the family are involved in the funeral procession and funeral of the dead person. According to Hindu customs, women are strictly forbidden to go here. Very few people know why women are not included in funeral rites. Let’s know about it. It is believed that evil spirits first target women. Especially ghosts target women who are virgins. That’s why they are not taken to the cremation ground. It is said that after the body is taken for the last rites, the entire house is cleaned so that no negative forces can stay in the house. Therefore, women are stopped in the house for cleaning the house and other household chores. After the funeral, the entry of men into the house takes place only after bathing.


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  1. Rowena says:

    That’s really interesting, Vikas. I didn’t know anything about Hindu burial practices including that women aren’t allowed. Women and children didn’t attend English funerals but that’s going back a way. Thank you also for visiting my blog and you’re lovely encouragement. I have been blogging for 11 years now and the more you write, the better you get especially when you read and keep refining your craft. Writing is just like a sport. You need to keep exercising and stretching the muscles. Bless you.
    Best wishes,

    1. My Pleasure that I could find a soulful blogger in this Era. many thanks for your blessings.

      1. Rowena says:

        Thank you Vikas. Much appreciated.

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