Malana Village – Mysterious and oldest republic.

Malana village is not only very beautiful but also mysterious. There are many such things about this village, which not everyone knows. There are many such places in Himachal Pradesh, which are crowded with tourists throughout the year, but very few people will know about the Malana village located in the northeast of the Kullu valley. This village is not only ancient but also very beautiful. There are many such interesting things related to this village, about which not everyone knows. It is said about this village that the people living here are the descendants of the soldiers of the Greek emperor Alexander. As of now, no confirmation has been made regarding this.

The people of this village describe themselves as the descendants of Alexander’s soldiers. Not only this, the Naan maps of the people living here are also very different from other hilly places. It is said that when Alexander came to attack India, the soldiers accompanying him took shelter in this village. After the defeat in the invasion, Alexander left from here, but some soldiers who came with him remained here and made their home in this village. However, this has not yet been fully proven,But there are some such things kept in the village, which makes it all to think about. Actually in the village a sword of Alexander’s time is kept in the temple there. Not only this, the people here speak a different language, which is not spoken elsewhere. The Kanashi language is spoken only by the people here and it is forbidden to teach it to outsiders. According to the local people there, it is a sacred language. At the same time, the people of the village are very reserved, they do not like to interact with other people much. This is the reason why the marriage of boys and girls here It is also done in his own village. He does not make people from other places a part of his village.Tourists can only come during the day to visit Malana. They are not allowed to come at night. Not only this, all guest houses in Malana are closed at night. (Most Beautiful Village) The people of Malana village worship the deity Jamlu, so according to them, no outsider is ordered to stay at night. At the same time, people still follow this order and guest houses are closed in the evening. If tourists come to the village, then they are allowed to roam only during the day.In the evening they are thrown out of the village. Malana is believed to be the oldest democratic village in the world. There is a council of 11 members, who follow the orders of Jamlu. However, over time there has been a lot of change here.


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  1. We visited Malana when we were in India 3 years ago. It’s quite a bizarre place. Buying drinks from a shop was one of the strangest experiences. Maggie

    1. Yes of-course, I am also from same place Kasol. I love my State and its culture. next time when you plan to visit India please let me know.

  2. vermavkv says:

    Nice information.

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