Bijli Mahadev Temple – The most mysterious temples of India.

In fact, there are many Shiva temples established in India. But one of them is such a Shiva temple, which is known for the supernatural miracle that happens there. This miracle happens every 12 years in this Shiva temple, one of the most mysterious temples of India.Every twelfth year there is a thunderbolt on the Shivling in this temple, due to which the Shivling gets broken and scattered. But the amazing thing is that after a few days it regains its solid shape. This miracle has been happening here since time immemorial.A glimpse of Pahari style can be seen in the architecture of Bijli Mahadev Temple, which is built of wood in traditional style. At the entrance of the temple there are Nandi Bull, the vehicle of Lord Shiva and ancient statues belonging to the Shiva family. A 60 feet high pillar is installed in the temple, which shines like a silver needle in the sunlight. The view of the lush green valley surrounding the temple is captivating, which is a paradise for people looking for peace and relaxation in the midst of nature.This temple is full of mystery and miracle. Every 12 years, lightning strikes the Shivalinga in the temple and it gets scattered in sections. Why does this happen? What is the scientific reason behind this? No one has come to know about this till date. Although the people living here definitely tell a legend behind it. Shivling gets shattered as a result of lightning. After this, the people here organize a festival and add the shattered Shivling with butter. The surprising thing is that after a few days the Shivling acquires its solid form, as if nothing has happened. This event, which happens over the years, does not seem less than a divine miracle.


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