India’s most miraculous Saint – Devraha Baba

India is called the country of sages & Saints. we are going to tell you about such a divine saint, name Shri Devraha Baba. Devaraha Baba was a well known Siddha man and a hardworking yogi. There was such a belief among the people about the age of Devraha Baba that Baba was alive for about 500 years. Although apparently no one knew when Baba was born. Various things are said and heard about the miraculous power of Devraha Baba, who left his body on 19th June 1990. It is believed that Deoraha Baba was born in Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh. Baba used to know the thoughts of people without informing them. From common people to politicians, industrialists, film stars and big officials used to come to him to seek blessings from Devraha Baba. It is said that Devaraha Baba never used any kind of vehicle to go from one place to another, nor did anyone see him going anywhere by ride. The devotees also had to celebrate in such a way that Baba used to walk on water. He used to come to Prayag every year during the Magh Mela. At the same time, in Vrindavan on the banks of Yamuna, he used to stay in the water for half an hour without breathing. Devaraha Baba always used to give blessings and prasad to the people sitting on a high wooden scaffold. He used to meet all the people who came to him very lovingly, giving them prasad and blessings. It was believed that no prasad was kept on the scaffold, yet Baba used to give prasad in the hands of the people. Devaraha Baba not only knew the mind of human beings, but he also understood the language and dialect of animals. They used to subdue wild animals. Indira Gandhi lost the election after the Emergency in the country. Then Indira Gandhi went to seek blessings from Devaraha Baba. Baba raised his hand and blessed him with claws.


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