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Dussehra – The victory of good over evil

India is known as a land of festivals. As such a number of festivals are celebrated in India. The celebration of Dussehra is rooted from the Hindu epic of Ramayana. This story told that, In the Satiyug, Lord Rama killed the ten headed demon Ravana.  It is believed that the celebration of Dussehra started in the 17th century, when the king of Mysore ordered the celebration of the day on a grand scale. Ever since, the day is celebrated with great fervor and energy. There are a lot of mythological tales associated with the day. According to Ramayana, Ravana was killed by Lord Rama on this day as revenge against the cruel act of kidnapping Goddess Sita by the former. Dusshera ia celebrated for ten days. The greatest show of this festival is the Ram Lila. Different events of the life of Lord Rama is dramatised in the Ram Lila. People enjoy watching Ram Lila, a play that tells about Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana. On the last day of the festival, the effigies (models) of Ravana, Meghnath and Kumbhkaran are burnt. Dussehra is a festival of joy. This marks the victory of good over evil.

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