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Discovery of Diamond

The Diamond  were discovered in India during the 4th century B.C., and India was one of the first countries to mine the gem. India’s diamonds were prized for their size and beauty for hundreds of years, but the term “Indian diamonds” was used generically to describe any stone that was mined in numerous South/Southeast Asian locations that included Borneo (Landak), Golconda, Hindostan, and Raolconda.

The majority of Asia’s diamond deposits were alluvial as opposed to kimberlite.During the 14th through 18th centuries, many young explorers and adventurers were drawn to India and the Far East, by tales of riches beyond one’s wildest dreams, and the legend of Sinbad’s “Valley of Diamonds.”For 1,000 years, starting in roughly the 4th century BC, India was the only source of diamonds. In 1725, important sources were discovered in Brazil, and in the 1870s major finds in South Africa marked a dramatic increase in the diamond supply.The Eureka Diamond was the first diamond discovered in South Africa. It weighed 21.25 carats (4.250 g), and was found near Hopetown on the Orange River in 1867. The diamond, cut to a 10.73-carat (2.146 g) cushion-shaped brilliant, is currently on display at the Mine Museum in Kimberley.The story of the modern diamond market really begins on the African continent, with the 1866 discovery of diamonds in Kimberley, South Africa. Entrepreneur Cecil Rhodes established De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited 22 years later, in 1888.India is the world’s largest diamond polishing industry, a development that has only started recently.

But apparently, the relationship India has with diamonds is much deeper and older. The first diamonds, it is said, were discovered and mined along the rivers Penner, Krishna and Godavari in India. Great alluvial deposits were discovered in India, containing a precious gem the Indians call Vajra, which transliterates from Sanskrit to “thunderbolt”. Diamonds were revered in India for their beauty as well as their great abilities to heal, provide protection in battle and keep evil spirits away.

The Kohinoor is one of the oldest and most famous diamonds in the world. The history of the Kohinoor goes back in history to more than 5000 years ago. The current name of the diamond, Koh-i-noor is in Persian and means “Mountain of Light”. Below you will find a timeline of this priceless diamond.It is believed that the diamond was first mentioned more than 5000 years ago in a Sanskrit script, where it was called the Syamantaka.

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