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The Kabaddi Technicians

Kabaddi is probably the only game which requires ground and a whistle only. Kabaddi originated from India and is the one of the most popular games of Asia.

Kabaddi is a combative team game, played on a rectangular court, either out-doors or indoors with seven players on the ground for each side. Each side takes alternate chances of offence and defense. The basic idea of the game is to score points by raiding into the opponents court and touching as many defense players as possible without getting caught on a single breath. During play, the players on the defensive side are called “Antis” while the player of the offense is called the “Raider”. Kabaddi is perhaps the only combative sport in which attack is an individual attempt while defense is a group effort. The attack in Kabaddi is known as a ‘Raid’. The antis touched by the raider during the attack are declared ‘out’ if they do not succeed in catching, the raider before he returns to home court. These players can resume play only when their side scores points against the opposite side during their raiding turn or if the remaining players succeed in catching the opponent’s raider. The game calls for no sophisticated equipment what so ever, which makes it a very popular sport in the developing countries. It is basically an outdoor sport played on clay court, of late the game is being played on synthetic surface indoors with great success.

The duration of the game is 45 minutes for MEN & Junior BOYS with a 5 minutes break in between for the teams to change sides. The duration of the game is 35 minutes with a 5 minutes break in between for WOMEN, GIRLS, Sub-Junior BOYS and Sub-Junior GIRLS. Kabaddi is an inexpensive outdoor game. It requires a great deal of skill, stamina, presence of mind courage for catching or for escaping from opponent’s hold. In a game of Kabaddi there are twelve players on each side, seven players shall take the ground at a time and remaining five players shall be reserved. Players from each side enter the opponent’s ground while uttering the same word and try to touch someone. If the player returns to his ground in same breath, the person whom he had touched is out. Alternatively if he the opponent stops the entering player from returning back to his ground and he losses breath, then he is out. One player each team enters the opponent’s ground alternately and tries to put the opponent out. For putting every opponent out the side shall get one point. The side that scores highest number of points at the end of the game shall be declared the winner.

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