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Marwari Horse

The Marwari horse is a rare breed known for its hardiness and upturned ears. A descendant of native Indian ponies crossed with Arabian horses, the Marwari comes in virtually every equine color. Displaying exceptional loyalty and bravery in battle, the Marwari was traditionally used as a cavalry horse before being used for light draft work and hauling. The breed is rare due to strict exporting guidelines, but since the early 2000s has become available in small quantities. The body should be compact and rounded with a medium to short back and close coupling, well sprung ribs and deep loins. The croup is long and well muscled with the tail attached high and curved gracefully. A low back is a fault and the Marwari should not be higher at the rump than at the withers. Viewed from the side the top line presents a sensual curve from the poll to the straight back rounding into the thigh. The neck should give the impression of sitting on top of the withers rather than in front of them. The underline should be long and deep through the heartgirth and flanks. The extreme angulation of the shoulder place the front legs further forward on the body. The front legs are straight and perpendicular to the ground, as are the rear cannons when points of hock and buttock are in the same vertical line. The stifle should be placed well forward and low in the flank area.

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