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Ulcinj – Town in Montenegro.

The Old Town in Ulcinj is one of the oldest urban architectural complexes along the Adriatic Sea. In this enchanting dish resembling a stranded ship for 25 centuries life has been booming, civilizations have been exchanging leaving their vivid traces up to now.It is a unique opinion that the Old Town represents a cultural-historical monument of invaluable significance due to its Illyrian walls, its citadel, the street net, the markets and squares, some house blocks and some valuable architectural edifices, and especially due to its town landscape, silhouette and urban plaster. It has been built for 2.5 millenniums and during different economical, military and cultural conditions, thus the old town has got the characteristic of an organic complex. It is an antique town with picturesque middle-aged, narrow and curving streets, densely joined two-and- three-floor stone houses  decorated by elements of the Renaissance and Baroque, and finally there is a series of valuable edifices from the Ottoman time.The oldest remnants of the walls date back to the Illyrian time. In the VI century the town got two gates: the lower (Eastern), which can be reached from the sea-side and the upper (Western), which can be reached from land. Ulcinj is the most interesting town on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, a place where three major religions fruitfully permeate one another.  It is a mixture of the Mediterranean and Europe, the Orient and West.  It is still possible to see and feel the traces of the rich legacy belonging to nine civilizations, which had passed through Ulcinj, if you come to visit this monumental old town, an architectural agglomeration established in the fifth century B.C.  Every exploring spirit will find the period of 25 centuries at one place as a real challenge especially if this explorer longs to find out why this town has been a safe base for the most well-known pirates on the Adriatic.

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