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​The travel industry and Understanding the structure of the b2b & b2c travel trade.

Trip Brands LLC – Global Leader in Travel Technology.
The history of professional travel agency business started with a day-long excursion tour for his 570 friends in the Temperance Society from Leicester to Loughborough in 1841. He took the services of the British Railway. All his friends were charged one shilling for this excursion.
In response to the increasing demand for tourism information by the travelers, many travel agencies like have established websites to promote their services and products worldwide. These websites plays an important role in mediating between customers and companies as a channel for information acquisition and business Travel transactions.  
Travel Agents vs. Online Booking: Tackling the Shortcomings of Nowadays Online Tourism Portals like BTA represents a qualitative study that aimed to identify the reasons that lead many consumers still rely on traditional travel agencies instead of booking their trips through Internet.  
The purpose of the Article is to investigate young tourist’s behavior in planning a trip, to understand how young people make decisions when they decide to go on a trip, in their country or in a foreign country, the process of searching information and their opinions about travel agencies services and about using Internet for planning a trip.OTAs are agents selling travel products and services online like airlines, car rental, cruise lines, hotels, railways and vacation packages on behalf of suppliers. want to read more about your travel answers just login to: #

Peace Shloka (Prayer for Peace)

Myths of India

Winners of the 50th Annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year


Wildlife photography requires not only skill but also A LOT of courage! Siddhant Arora, a young aspiring wildlife photographer was recently featured on Zoetic.

Check out some of these amazing images from the winners of the 50th Annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards. The overall winner this year was “The last great picture” by Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols (USA).

56ffe25d51f4b6f3119138ce9931043c_970x “The last great picture” by Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols (USA) Image sourced via Distractify

Some of our other favorites are “Cardinal sparks” by Patrik Bartuska (Czech Republic), Winner of Natural Design and “Facebook update” by Marsel van Oosten (The Netherlands)​, winner of the People’s Choice Award!

fc92e61c1313f14ed730d8d4d753833b_970x “Cardinal sparks” by Patrik Bartuska

35ac79ad8f8706b6c6339d850b6e33db_970x “Facebook update” by Marsel van Oosten

Check out  the rest here:

Stay wild, stay passionate 🙂

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No man’s land, but we brought MacGyver

Gibson goes Gulu

We rose and shone in Da Lat, and scoped out our route along the Ho Chi Minh trail to Buon Ma Thuot. The day started off pretty well: all geared up with our new modifications and rested bods. But in the time it takes to say “This is awesome!”, it soon went to, pardon my language, sh*t. We lost the crew again at the beginning, and Nick and I rode off alone. And “rode-off” was unfortunately very literal here. I thought I had been through everything on day one. I was so smug about it, too. How naïve I was. Maybe I had mastered all road terrain, but these potholes were craters if I’ve seen any. I have no idea how they even got so big without heavy machinery and sick idea of practical jokes. It certainly didn’t help that the rain had turned them all into murky ponds of…

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These charts—and one child—show why the Indian Nobel prize winner’s work is so important

The Naga Sadhus – The Sanskrit terms sādhu (“good man”) and sādhvī (“good woman”)

Naga Sadhu

Naga Sadhus are a particular group of Shaivite saints who reside in the Himalayan Caves and come to visit the civilization only during the Kumbh Mela. This is the only event when these ascetic saints can be seen amongst the general Indian population.The Naga Sadhus renounce the materialistic world and practice celibacy to escape from the cycle of birth and death and to attend salvation. As they belong to the Shaivite sect, they have matted locks of hair and their bodies are covered in ash like Lord Shiva.The Naga Sadhus were founded by Dattatreya during ancient times such that the date of the foundation is lost. The ancient period was perhaps an age when humans never stressed the importance of time. Shankaracharya was the first one to organize the Nagas to protect Sanatam Dharma.

Unforgettable Himachal

Traditional Himachal – Bride in their Traditional Dress

Parshuram – The sixth avatar of Vishnu

The Karma


One of the basic beliefs of Hinduism is the law of Karma or Action. It basically means that every good thought, word or deed begets a similar reaction which affects our next lives and every unkind thought or evil deed comes back to harm us in this life or the next.

Lord Shiva – Shiva is the god of the yogis, self-controlled and celibate, while at the same time a lover of his spouse (shakti).

Lord Shiva

Shiva has always been referred to as Triambaka because he has a third eye. The third eye does not mean someone’s forehead cracked and something came out! It simply means another dimension of perception has opened up. If your perception has to evolve and enhance itself, the most important thing is that your energy has to evolve and enhance itself. The whole process of yoga is to evolve and refine your energies in such a way that your perception is enhanced and the third eye opens.

Aghori – The Epic Souls


To be really aware you must be able to know simultaneously what is going on thousands of miles away today, what may have happened centuries ago, what will happen anywhere in the world decades from now, and what is occurring, has occurred, or will occur on other planes of existence. And you must still act as if you know nothing. You must just sit and talk with other people and play the part which Nature has assigned to you.

Chasing My Pot of Gold

Finding What the Fox Says

By nature, spontaneous is not a word most people would use to describe me. Perhaps, however, that’s just another effect that studying abroad has had on me. Or maybe when you’re offered the opportunity to travel to the one place you’ve dreamed of visiting for years, you take it, whether it requires spontaneity or not.

This past week, I spent a lot of time reading and working on my marketing group term paper. For my marketing class, we have to create a thorough marketing plan instead of having a final exam. We are allowed to work in teams of 3 people, and halfway through the semester we can hand in a preliminary plan – however much we have completed, our professor will review and give suggestions. Amazingly, halfway through the semester comes out to be this Friday, and my group wanted to have our entire plan ready for review, so…

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The man who is foolish at the termination of his life shall always remain a fool.

“It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what others say in a whole book.”

List of extreme sports

Extreme Sports

My list of extreme sports:

BASE Jumping: is very extreme activity that includes a parachute (can be used both parachute and wingsuit) to jump from fixed objects, with unopened parachute like skydiving. The acronym “B.A.S.E.” stands for: Building, Antenna, Span, Earth – four categories of objects from which B.A.S.E. jumper can jump.

BASE Jumping Bodyboarding: is a kind of wave surfing. But instead of surfboard u have a rectangular piece of hydrodynamic foam.

Shape of bodyboard
Shape of board depends on riding style, and rider himself. Wiki says that bodyboarding is fastest growing extreme water sports all over the world.

Canoeing: extreme canoeing (a.k.a whitewater canoeing or whitewater racing). These extreme guys race specialised canoes and kayaks down a dangerous whitewater rivers. There is also such a class like Extreme Canoe racing, that includes much more complicated rapids, leave it for real pros 🙂

Canoeing Cliff Jumping:

Cliff JumpingExtreme Motorsport: includes activities…

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The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong – Mahatma Gandhi

Vintage India


Catching up on Indian dramas at 6am on the ganges. Catching up on Indian dramas at 6am on the ganges.

Continuing their pilgrimage Starting their pilgrimage

The pigeons leaving the Fort to find breakfast. En route to find breakfast.

Gazing out in Jaipur. Reflections in Jaipur.

Dance and dramas in the village. Dance and dramas in the village.

Today’s instrument.

For all your mailing needs. For all your mailing needs.

Four brothers. Four bikes. Four brothers. Four bikes.

Looks like they've found their meal. Looks like they’ve found their meal.

Spinning in the desert. Spinning in the desert.

1.2013-02-04 07.58.46 Relaxing after a long day of trekking.

Timeless traditions.

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Minister Creek

The Rude Hell- war in Iraq

Office Hours

Biking – Delhi to Jaipur, Vikas Acharya

Hiking Trip – Vikas Acharya

Office Hours

RBI’s Monetary Museum, Mumbai – Money on Display

RBI’s Monetary Museum, Mumbai – Money on Display


I have had to rely on my memory to write about my wonderful visit to the Monetary Museum due to their no photography policy. This unique little place is founded and run by the Reserve Bank of India on the ground level of their premises in the commercial Fort area of South Mumbai. The museum depicts the journey of money and its evolution from a period as early as 2nd century BC until this day. It was made open to public in the year 2005.

coinsDivided into 6 sections, the museum collectively explains the history of money through definitions, displays, info-graphics and touches base on subjects like early barter exchange, use of metals as mode of payment, coins issued by Indian kings, rulers, princely states and later British empires, evolution of paper currency, cheques, promissory notes, bills of exchange, establishment of banks and their roles and the introduction and use…

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Indian Voyage – Most pleasant sighting of Your Life

India is a beautiful nation that famous for amazing tourist destinations

india tour packages

India is a beautiful nation that famous for amazing tourist destinations, rich traditions and colourful culture. In this nation you can explore the eye catching view of golden sand dunes, panoramic beaches, astonishing hill stations, flora and fauna.

The Northern part of this naimages46665tion offers various kinds of dense forests, high peaks of mountain chains and ancient monasteries. The Central region of this nation is the heart of the several most admired heritage monuments and wildlife sanctuaries. The Eastern region provides the eye catching view of the dense forests on the hilly landscapes. The South arena offers the number of stunning beaches, backwaters and spice gardens.

If you want to experience a natural beauty and colorful culture, then you should select India as your tourist destination. This nation offers something amazing that you will take pleasure in the years to join. Exploring each and every place here in one…

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Amazing Journey: Mike McIntyre’s ‘The Kindness Of Strangers: Penniless Across America’

Black and Blue Man

'The Kindness Of Strangers: Penniless Across America' by Mike McIntrye (Amazon) ‘The Kindness Of Strangers: Penniless Across America’ by Mike McIntyre (Amazon)

In 1994, 37-year-old journalist Mike McIntyre had a good life in San Francisco – except for one major problem:

If I were told I was going to die today, I’d have to say I never took a gamble. I played life too close to the vest.

That awful feeling stemmed from another major, and life-long, problem:

I’ve been afraid my whole life.

I was born scared.

Driven to tears one day while thinking about this, McIntyre decided to take drastic action by resigning from his job and traveling across the United States by hitchhiking and walking – but with one very challenging condition:

I’ll go from the Pacific to the Atlantic without a penny. A cashless journey through the land of the almighty dollar. If I’m offered money, I’ll refuse it. If I see a coin in the road…

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Vikas Acharya

You are not one with God

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


“Many people have told Me, ‘We are doing so much of bhakti yog Mother; we don’t get anything.’ Really? What sort of bhakti yog? ‘We do read Krishna’s Gita every morning, get up four o’clock, take bath, read Krishna’s Gita, do this, do that, then we say bhajans, this, we never get anything.’ So, what is the reason? Reason is that you are not one with God. And when you are one with God, then what does He give you?

He won’t give you cheap things, which will vanish in no time, but of some eternal nature. So He gives you peace, peace of the heart. He gives you balance. Also He gives you a tranquil temperament. Joy of life. All these things are there within us, if we have the bhakti which is, after being united, after the yoga with the Yogeshwara. This is what one has to understand.”

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My Portfolio

Cliff Hanger – Rock Climbing

Vikas Acharya

Vikas Acharya

Biking in Mountains

The Circle


Vikas Acharya

Vikas Acharya