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Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon).

Ischigualasto Provincial Park is located 273 kilometers away from the capital of San Juan. It is better known as Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon). It is one of the most visited places in San Pedro and it is located at 17 kilometers of San Pedro’s downtown, in the Cordillera de la Sal (Salt mountains) area, is an interesting area with stones and sand formations that per millenia the floods and the winds have given it a series of colors and texture to the desert, it presents an extraordinary attractive by its similarity with the moon surface and the natural coliseo of great dimensions. From a great dune is possible to appreciate the wonderful and surprising surroundings of this zone.Set of landscapes of incomparable beauty and that resemble a fragment of the moon landscape.This wonderful natural phenomenon, is due to the encounter of the Atacama desert with the Andes mountain range, which is produced by smooth slope changes, conformed by cones of rollings originating of the mountain bankruptcy. It is worth mentioning that the period between the formation of the planet and today has been divided into “eras” and “periods”, the same way time is divided into in years and days. The first period of the Mesozoic era is the Triassic and it goes from 250 to 200 million years. Back then all the continents were joined in one mega continent called Pangea. During the Triassic period, on the west side of Pangea, some valleys were formed where sediments mixed with animals and plants remains accumulated.