Category: Which yoga helps overcoming hip pain and discomfort from menstruation?

Which yoga helps overcoming hip pain and discomfort from menstruation?

Kukkuta is a Sanskrit word which means a cock.This asana resembles that of a cock and hence the name is Kukkutasana. It is also an exciting variation of padmasana (lotus).

The Cock Posture (Kukkutasana) helps strengthen all the joints (wrists, elbows, and shoulders) present in the arms. The pose also develops and tones various muscles (biceps, triceps, and brachioradialis) of the arms.
The yoga posture builds the abdominal walls and improves the intestinal system. Hence, it helps in treating digestive disorders.

How to reach the stretch

Firstly, sit in a Padmasana(lotus pose).
Insert your hands in between the thighs and calf muscles as far as the elbow.
Now take a deep breath and raise the body above the ground, balancing on the palm.

How to release the stretch

Slowly come back in the lotus position.
Sit in a relaxed manner for a while and then repeat again.