चंद्र ग्रहण आज – Lunar Eclipse Today

यह एक कुल चंद्र ग्रहण भी है जहां पृथ्वी चंद्रमा की सतह पर छाया रखती है और सूरज की रोशनी को अवरुद्ध करती है

Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 Aug 21

The first total solar eclipse since 1979 will cross the continental United States on August 21, 2017, when the shadow of the Moon sweeps across the Earth, travelling from the North Pacific, south of the Aleutian Islands, to the Eastern Atlantic near the Cape Verde Islands in a little over three hours. An eclipse of…

Learn the secret behind lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipses occur when Earth’s shadow blocks the sun’s light, which otherwise reflects off the moon. There are three types — total, partial and penumbral — with the most dramatic being a total lunar eclipse, in which Earth’s shadow completely covers the moon. Throughout history, eclipses have inspired awe and even fear, especially when total lunar eclipses turned the moon blood-red, an effect that terrified people who had no understanding of what causes an eclipse and therefore blamed the events on this god or that.