No Girl – So, No Mother – Ultimately No Life – Save Girl Child Save World

Girls’ education is emerging as one of the top priorities of the international development community. Much progress has been made in recent decades. The number of girls attending school, even in the poorest countries, has grown rapidly in the past 40 years. Developed countries have achieved full equality of access to education .In India, most people are not aware of women’s rights and thus they still think that girls are inferior to boys. The birth of a girl is not desired. It goes to the extreme of taking away the life of female fetus which we are not supposed to do. The UNESCO studies show that the female literacy in the developed countries is 96 per cent, in developing countries 55 per cent. Education plays a major part in the development of a nation. Countries with high level of basic education do better economically. If India wants to be one of the developed nations it must concentrate on education and especially on female education.