Apah Suktam – imparts us with vigour and strength

Apah – water आपो हि ष्ठा मयोभुवस्था न ऊर्जे दधातन । महे रणाथ चक्षसे ॥१ Aapo Hi Sstthaa Mayo-Bhuvasthaa Na Uurje Dadhaatana | Mahe Rannaatha Cakssase ||1|| Meaning: O Water, because of your presence, the Atmosphere is so refreshing, and imparts us with vigor and strength. We revere you who gladdens us by your Pure…

Panch Tatva – The Five Elements

Human being is Gods wonderful creation. To provide peace and prosperity God has created nature. Human body is made up of (panch tatva) five elements like – Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space. When panch tatva are in balance then it provides happiness, success, prosperity, peace etc. The chakra of universe revolves in Panch Tatva….