Philosopher India

Philosopher India

A Step Towards Myth Discovery 

 Philosopher India is a collection of myths, especially one belonging to Indian religious or cultural tradition. Mythology can refer either to the collected myths of a group of people their body of stories which they tell to explain nature, history, and customs or to the study of such myths. Hinduism, the world’s oldest religion, has no beginning–it precedes recorded history. It has no human founder. It is a mystical religion, leading the devotee to personally experience the Truth within, finally reaching the pinnacle of consciousness where man and God are one. Hindus believe in the divinity of the four Vedas, the world’s most ancient scripture, and venerate the Agamas as equally revealed. These primordial hymns are God’s word and the bedrock of Sanatana Dharma, the eternal religion. All the Hindu temples have bell at the entrance of the temple or inside the temple and usually you need to ring it before you enter temple and while doing pooja to God. Bells are important symbols in Hindu worship. The Yug Cycle tells us that we are now living in the Kali Yug. according to Indian Myths the age of darkness, when morality and mental capabilities reach their lowest point in the end of Yug cycle. The Great  Indian epic, Mahabharata describes the Kali Yuga as the period when the “World Soul” is Black in color, only one quarter of morality remains, which slowly fade to zero .The KaliYug (Iron Age) was preceded by three others Yugas: SatYug (Golden Age), Treta Yug (Silver Age) and the Dwapara Yug (Bronze Age). 

A Step Towards Myth Discovery

Author: Vikas Acharya

Indian Mythology, Hinduism, Religion, Black Magic, Aghori, Philosophers, Ancient Scripture, Hindu Religion, Epics of India

The iron Age – Maharishi Vishvamitra – Nirjala Ekadashi – Amavasya – Shri Narada Muni– The Aghori – Gayatri Mantra – Kailash Mansarover – Churdhar Hills – The Kinner Kailash – Navratri – Hidden Behind Aghora – Aghor Tantra – Mahakumbh – Aghor Tantra – Mahakumbh – The Samadhi – Code of God

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