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Travel Frontier – Is a blog that Provide Articles / Information about the Amazing Travel World, It’s about experiencing those exquisite moments that leave you feeling energized, enriched and renewed.This is a Personal Blog that celebrates passion in all its forms. This Blog is Maintained By Vikas Acharya and he is  a freelance writer, and Travel Blog-writer. And it’s about creating articles that will inspire and delight you for a lifetime.

Research has shown that interpersonal influence arising from opinion exchange between consumers is an important factor influencing consumers’ purchase decisions. Word-of-mouth or advice from friends and relatives often ranks as the most influential source of pre-purchase information. The Internet has become a major source of information for travelers and a platform for tourism business transactions. Specifically, the tourism industry is today’s leading application of the Internet in a business to consumer (B2C) context. The Internet provides new ways for individuals to learn about tourist destinations and their products and services directly from other consumers. This has provided a new platform of communication which empowers consumers and is similar to word-of-mouth. Travelers can email each other, post comments and feedback, publish online blogs, and form communities on the Internet. Blogs, as “push-button publishing for people”, have gained more and more popularity. With the advancement of the Internet, consumers now are able to access not only opinions from close friends, family members, and coworkers, but also strangers from all around the world who may have used the product, visited a certain destination, or patronized a property. More consumers are relying on online opinions for their purchase decisions, from which movies to watch to which stocks to buy. The emergence of travel blogs will inevitably influence the link structure and the content of the information space for visitors and will induce different informational content when a visitor searches for destination-specific information on the Internet. Travel blogs express the experiences of the visitor at a specific destination. At the moment of decision making, the consumer must act on impressions of the product’s attributes gathered from often imperfect sources of information. Word-of-mouth and digital word-of-mouth communications will inevitably become the preferred travel information sources.

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