Its Novi Sad – A city in Serbia on the banks of the Danube River.

Novi Sad is a city in Serbia on the banks of the Danube River. Atop a riverside bluff stands Petrovaradin Fortress, much of it dating to the 17th and 18th centuries, with an iconic clock tower and a network of tunnels. Across the river is the old quarter, Stari Grad, site of the Gothic Revival Name of Mary Church and Neo-Renaissance City Hall. Numerous and various historical and cultural monuments of Novi Sad are on the streets and squares in the old center of the town, that is also commercial and tourist center of the city and a pedestrian zone which stretches for about 500 meters. Trg Slobode (Liberty Square) is the largest central city square, built in the 18th century. On the edges of the square are the buildings from the end of the 19th and early 20th century. Square has always been a place to celebrate important events in the history of the city, as well as a meeting place for people and location where numerous manifestations were held.In the middle of the square is the monument of Svetozar Miletic, casted in bronze. Together with marble stand it is seven meters high. The monument is work of Ivan Mestrovic and it was positioned twice to the same place. For the first time 1939th year, during World War II when the occupier had intended to remove the monument, but it was hidden by the citizens. After the liberation at 1944, the monument was returned to its original position.On the west side of the square is the Town Hall built in 1895th in Neo-Renaissance style, designed by architect George Molnar. The facade of the building is a striking Ionic and Corinthian columns. Facade stands out along the 16 Algerian figures that symbolize the various human activities and they are work of Julie Annika. At the top of the building is a tall tower in which there is a bell of St. Florian, patron of the city. Bell was called Matilda, by the name of the benefactress which donated the bell to the fire volunteer squad. Long time ago it served to announce by the number of hits ringtones, the position of the fire outbreak in the city.

Image Credit: flickr. com

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