Tungnath Temple – the highest temple of Lord Shiva in the world.

Tungnath Temple Chopta is located on the Tungnath mountain of Uttarakhand, which is a part of Panchkedar dedicated to Lord Shiva. Tungnath Temple is the highest temple of Lord Shiva in the world, where the heart and arms of Lord Shiva are worshipped. This temple dedicated to Bholenath. Tungnath mountain is located in Rudraprayag district of Garhwal region of Uttarakhand state, 3.5 km from Chopta, which is known as mini Switzerland. It is situated at a distance of Tungnath mountain. The history of the Tungnath Mahadev temple is believed to be more than 1000 years old, which was built by the Pandavas to avoid the sin of massacre of their own clan in the battle of Kurukshetra with their own hands. Lord Shiva was very angry with the massacre by the Pandavas in this war, whom the Pandavas had built this temple to please and to avoid their sin. The doors of the temple open in the month of May and are closed in November at the time of Diwali. The doors of the temple are closed on Dooj and after the cold subsides a bit, the doors of the temple are opened on Akshaya Tritiya in April-May.

Image credit-Ashwini Chaudhary(Monty) https://unsplash.com/@suicide_chewbacca


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