The Aghori – Mysterious Sect in Indian Myths.

Aghori live in the crematorium. They do meditation sitting on the dead body. Another way of his worship is to worship Shiva while standing on one leg. It is an important part of their life to wake up in the night to remove the half-burnt dead bodies and to do Tantra Kriya with them. Lord Shiva is considered the progenitor of the Aghor sect. It is said that Lord Shiva himself propounded the Aghor cult. Lord Dattatreya is also considered as the teacher of Aghorshastra. Aghorpanth is related to the ancient religion of India, Shiva Sadhana. Aghoris are considered to be the living form of Shiva on earth. There are 5 forms of Lord Shiva, one of which is Aghor form. The process of becoming both types of sages takes about 12 years. But their process is quite different. To become a Naga Sadhu, one has to take initiation in the Akharas, while to become an Aghori one has to spend many years of life in the crematorium with great difficulty.

Photo by Sourav Majumdar


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