The Shradh – Vedic technology to Serve afterdeath

As per Hinduism , the body is destructible but soul is eternal. It can neither be created nor can be destroyed. in Bhagwat Gita Lord Krishna clearly states, “The soul is unborn, eternal, ever existing and primeval”. As per Hindu mythology, afterdeath zone called Pitr loka that is exists between earth and heaven. All the departed souls or Pitrs stay at this place. This zone is Ruled by Lord Yamraj The god of death. The Pitra Paksh starts with when Sun entering the zodiac sign Virgo. At advent of this Paksh the departed souls or forefathers leave the Yamaloka and came to earth to acknowledge the rites performed by their descendants and remain stay here till Sun or Moon conjunction should happen in Sign Virgo. During the period of Shraadh, usually people avoid buying or wearing new clothes, hair-cut shall also be avoided. Auspicious activities like marriage, settling marriage, any kind of birth ceremony etc. are prohibited during this period , Abstain from Non Veg food, Hard Drinks and Products containing Tobacco. It is believed that if shraadh is performed with whole devotion, ancestors feel satiated and they bless the person with wealth, children, knowledge, joys, pleasures and a total life.


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