The red panda

The red panda (Ailurus fulgens), also called lesser panda, red bear-cat and red cat-bear, is a small arboreal mammal native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China that has been classified as vulnerable by IUCN as its wild population is estimated at less than 10,000 mature individuals. The population continues to decline and is threatened by habitat loss and fragmentation, poaching, and inbreeding depression, although red pandas are protected by national laws in their range countries

Red panda is a close relative of giant panda. Although less popular, red panda is discovered 48 years before giant panda. This bear-like creature can be found in the Nepal, India, Bhutan, China, Laos and Myanmar. Red panda lives in mountain forests. Intense deforestation resulted in great reduction in the number of red pandas in the wild. Other than habitat loss, number of red pandas is decreased through uncontrolled hunt because of the fur. Red panda is listed as endangered species.

Interesting Red panda Facts:
Red panda can reach 20 to 26 inches in length and 7 to 14 pounds in weight. Its tail can be 12 to 20 inches long.
Red panda is also known as “Fire Fox” because of its size and red color of the fur. Upper side of the red panda is red and white in color. Legs and belly are black. This type of coloration provides camouflage in the forest. Red panda is a trademark of Firefox browser.
Tail is covered in red and white rings. Tail ensures balance during movement through the forest. Also, red panda wraps tail around the body during the night to prevent heat loss.
Red panda spends most of its life in the trees. Red panda moves slowly and carefully on the ground.

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