Frustrations of a Writer

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So quiet in there;

Wondering where all the loud thoughts disappeared to;

Can’t seem to find a single stray thought to hold on to;

As if they are hiding away from me;

Afraid of what I’d do to them;

The silence is deafening;

Even with music in my ears;

It feels like it’s playing into a vacuum;

Hitting the walls of the brain;

And bouncing right back to me;

But there are a lot to think about!

Why, did my mind go on break without telling me?

How is that even possible?

Hello, are you there?

Don’t bail on me right now;

I have time now to write;

But you are not giving me anything;

The harder I search;

The farther the ideas flee away;

I know you’re there;

I just can’t touch you right now;

Maybe I should just leave you alone;

And wait till…

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