Call of the Wild

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Call of the Wild

wild west, attraction, poetry


the frontier remains

borders to an unknown time

rattle in my heart


the beauty remains

hidden in distant feelings

calling to come home


I wrote the first verse without any conscious thought, but then rewrote it because it didn’t make any logical sense. The second verse is my conscious mind’s attempt to describe the longing and unknown quality of Colorado for me. Which do you prefer and why.

Colorado was the first and only place that I have lived that was not lush and green. It felt foreign, yet wild and exciting to me. 20 years after leaving Boulder, CO, the vistas, beauty, and feelings still tug at my heart. I’ve tried to move on and let go, but Colorado has deeply marked me in ways I can’t understand or rationalize. Do you have a place that is locked in your heart for the…

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  1. Hi Vikas. Thanks for visiting and sharing my post. blessings, Brad

    1. My pleasure Bro 🙂

Many Many thanks for your visit and support comment :)

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