why race doesn’t exist, but racism does

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The Honking Goose

Race is a mental construct. It is not real. People originating from different locations on the globe look different. They have different physical characteristics. That is real. However, there are no geographic or genetic delineations between “races” of people.

five people with different physical characteristics

Furthermore, those physical characteristics do not in any way determine our behaviors or our mental-emotional characteristics. Behaviors and non-physical characteristics are a result of the culture in which we are raised.

Historically, there were stronger associations between geographically related physical characteristics and the culture in which someone was raised. So it was common for those two separate ideas to be lumped together in human perception of a person either similar to us or different from us.

In modern times, there is much greater movement of people in between geographic locations. As we continue to evolve (always ongoing) this breaks down the differences in geographically related physical characteristics as well as differences…

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