Safe Road to Himachal: A Tale of Two Women Travellers

Thoughts of a wanderer.


To travel far and beyond is a wish of many, almost everybody. Similarly, to travel safe and solo in her own country is a wish of almost every Indian woman. So the question is “Is it really safe?” Well, nobody can answer that question with absolute certainty. However, a woman who has travelled that road at least once can definitely share her experience.

10 nights and 11 days of Himachal and Amritsar: a trip of a lifetime, I shall call it. Sometimes all you need to plan a wonderful trip is an enthusiastic companion and courage, apart from time and money: a good companion (self-company included) to create and share the memories with and courage to face the challenges that are bound to come your way. If someone tells you travelling alone (especially for a woman or women in India) is a piece of cake,  he/she is obviously lying or has…

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