Nubra valley – a historical region of Ladakh

Ladakh is known as the crown of India due to its ethereal beauty. Nestled amidst the beautiful mountains of Ladakh, Nubra Valley is surrounded by high hills. Nubra Valley in which Nubra means ‘Valley of Flowers’ is known as the Garden of Ladakh. Adorned with pink and yellow wild roses, this valley leaves no stone unturned to grab your attention. Nubra Valley is situated at a distance of 150 km from Leh. Adorned with natural scenery, the sand, hills and freezing cold of this valley make it unique and wonderful. This valley full of astonishing views is situated between two rivers named Nubra and Shyok. You will experience a different culture here as a tourist. If you are looking forward to such an authentic and off beat experience then Nubra is the right place for you. The only option to get to Nubra Valley is by road. One can reach Khardung La by National Highway. The route to Khardung La is a bit tricky, so if you are a fan of adventure then this would be your first choice. On reaching Shyok Valley via Khardung village, the houses and pastures of the people there will attract your attention. By the way, after reaching Leh, you are advised to take rest for at least two days. Once you get accustomed to the surroundings, you can start the onward journey to Nubra Valley. The beautiful roads here will win your heart. A deserted road with sand dunes welcomes you as you approach the valley. There are many hotels, home stays, resorts and tents also available in Diskit and Hunder, so at night you will have to go to Distic Village as this is where night stays are arranged. Here you can see two humped camels. Here, drinking coffee in the cafe along with watching the camels is fun in itself.


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