Kartik Swami Temple, Kugti

Even today in Bharmour, a tribal area of Chamba district of Himachal, people take refuge in the gods instead of relying on science. The gods predict the weather throughout the year. People also believe in this and take care of the crops and make a living accordingly. This has been going on for centuries. There is a famous temple of Lord Shiva son of Kartik Dev in North India in Kugti of tribal area Bharmour. Every year on November 30, the doors of the Kartik Swami temple are closed. Before closing the doors, a Gadvi (Kalash) filled with water is placed in front of the idol in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. If the Kalash is found to be half full, there is a possibility of less rain and if the water in the Kalash is completely dry, then there is a possibility of a famine-like situation in the area. This tradition has been going on for centuries. Many times it happened that not a single drop of water has decreased in the Kalash. Even if the water gets over a few times, it is mostly normal. People have deep faith in Kartik Swami. People live their lives accordingly.

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