Goddess Dhari Devi Temple – Uttarakhand

Mata Dhari Devi Temple is a grand temple located in Srinagar Garhwal, Pauri district of Uttarakhand. This temple is dedicated to Kali Mata, it is considered as the patron and palanquin goddess of Uttarakhand. In this temple, only the upper part of the idol of the goddess is located and the lower part is famous by the name Maa Maithana located in Kalimath. Mata Dhari Devi was the only sister of 7 brothers. Mata Dhari Devi loved her seven brothers very much, she herself used to prepare many types of food dishes for them and used to serve them very much. This story is from when Maa Dhari Devi was only seven years old. But when his brothers came to know that their only sister’s planets were bad for them, their brothers started hating them. By the way, the seven brothers of Mata Dhari Devi hated Maa Dhari Devi since childhood, because the complexion of Mata Dhari Devi was dark since childhood. But Maa Dhari Devi considered her seven brothers to be her everything because due to the early passing of her parents, Dhari Devi was brought up by her brothers and her brothers were everything for her. Gradually time passed and the hatred towards Mata & brothers increased, but at one point it came that five brothers of Mata Dhara devi died. And only two married brothers were left and the trouble of these two brothers kept increasing because these two brothers felt that the death of our five brothers was due to our only sister’s bad planets towards us because they had to be in childhood. It was learned from this that our sister’s planets are bad for us. And these two brothers started fearing that it is not our turn now and these two brothers discussed together and started plotting to kill their sister, along with their wives also inspired them to do the same. that he should kill his sister. And those two brothers did the same, these two brothers, when the girl i.e. Maa Dhari was only 13 years old, both of their brothers separated her head from her body and carried her dead body overnight in the river bank. And the head of this girl, flowing from there, reached the village named Dhari of Kalyasaur, when it was early morning, a person in Dhari village was washing clothes on the bank of the river, so they thought that some girl was flowing in the river. has been The man wanted to save the girl but he thought that if I go there then how should I go, because there was too much water in the river and he was afraid that I might get drowned myself and he lost his patience and he Thought I would not save the girl now. But suddenly a voice came from the severed head from the river, which increased the patience of that person, that voice was not to panic and you saved me from here. And I assure you that wherever you put your feet, I will make a ladder for you there, it is said that some time ago these stairs used to appear here. It is said that when the person went to save the girl in the river, suddenly a miracle happened, where the person laid his feet – there stairs were made. When that person went to the river, when that person picked up that severed head as a girl, then suddenly the person got scared, what he was thinking of as a girl was a severed head. Then a voice came from that severed head that you do not panic, I am in the form of God and establish me on a stone in a holy, beautiful place. And that person did what the severed head said to that person because it was nothing less than a miracle for that person to give a sound to a severed head, build a ladder for that person, and assure him of protection. Seeing all this, that person also understood that it is only a goddess. When the man placed the severed head on a stone, the severed head didn’t tell everything about himself that I was a girl, who was the only sister of seven brothers and I was killed by my two brothers. And telling all this, that severed head took the form of a stone. Since then that stone was worshiped there and a beautiful Dhari Devi temple was built there. And the part which was the torso part of that girl became famous in the name of Maa Maithani in Kalimath of Rudraprayag, here also there is a grand temple of the Mata and this temple is also called body part. Kalimath is one of the 108 Shakti places in India, according to religious traditions, Kalimath is a place where Goddess Kali killed the demon Raktabeej and after that the goddess went down to the earth. The description of Kalimath in Shaktipeeths is also found in the Puranas. It is said that when a person also comes here with a sincere heart, then all his wishes are fulfilled.

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    Great read and thanks for sharing!

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