The Chintpurni temple

This is the old temple of Maa Bhagwati Chinnamasta Devi in Himachal Pradesh, India. According to one of the sacred books of Sanatan Dharm, Shri Markandeye Puran, after killing of all the Asuras and upon victory in the big war, Maa Bhagwati’s 2 ‘sahyoginis’, Jaya and Vijaya who had killed the various Asuras and drank their blood, were still thirst for more blood. So Maa cut her own head and queched the thirst of her sahyoginis with her own blood.

Since then, Maa Bhagwati’s this roop was called as Maa Chhinnamastika or Mata Chinnamasta (Chhinn is without and Masta is Head).


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