Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

This fiesta is celebrated in New Mexico, US and is one of the biggest hot air balloons festival. It goes on for about 9 days and hundreds of balloons touch the sky each year. Working on the Albuquerque Box principle that talks about the direction of wind, this festival too is one of the major attractions for people across the world. Many events and competitions too take place during this fiesta that makes it a lot more fun and attractive. This fest is celebrated around October.

The first balloon event in Albuquerque took place on April 8, 1972, at Coronado Shopping Center. Thirteen balloons participated. The first event was a promotion for KOB-AM radio.

From 1972 – 1975, balloon events took place in late winter/early spring.

The first event to be called the “Balloon Fiesta” took place in 1975, in the fall.

The first Balloon Glow took place on Christmas Eve, 1979, when local pilots wanted to thank New Mexicans for support of ballooning.

Gas balloons were part of events until 1981, and went on hiatus until 1993, when the Gordon Bennett race was brought to the fiesta. The World Championship started in 1994 and the America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race began at Fiesta in 1995.

The first Special Shapes Glowdeo began with just 28 special shape balloons.

The Balloon Fiesta Hall of Fame contains 26 balloon legends.

The first Dawn Patrol launched at the 1978 Balloon Fiesta. The Dawn Patrol was created when two balloonists developed position lighting systems that enabled night flight to take place.

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