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Simply Marquessa

Approaching a new year often leads us to reflect on what changes we’d like to make…

Tkay Maidza unsure thinking pondering tkay

credit to and found at https://giphy.com/gifs/tkaymaidza-tkay-maidza-l0HlUsr30YgIHASl2

And no, the above GIF is not me… 🙂

In 2017, I’ll be approaching my site a little differently.

Most of my features will remain and I will even introduce a few more. But they will all be on a more “prescheduled” basis so that I can spend less time online and I have updated my Meet Marquessa page .

My intention is to post “spontaneous” posts a few times a week based:

Also, it’s time to learn more about other social media so I’ll be using:

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