Stalked in America

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Alexis Chateau

Experts say that social media has poisoned my generation.

Yet, when I was in college, Twitter and I had a very healthy relationship. Twitter stayed up with me all those late nights that I spent working on projects.

It entertained me during calculus class, so I didn’t fall asleep. And when I was meeting new people? I was sure to let Twitter know, so that they could identify the culprit if I ever went missing.

Twitter was so much a part of my college life that when I graduated in 2012, it lost its charm, and inevitably, we lost touch.

2015-11-15 21.47.21

Companies & their Ads Hijack Social Media

Recently, I learned that a strong presence on social media really makes the difference in freelancing. Subsequently, I’ve made the effort to strike up a relationship with Twitter, yet again.

To my surprise, the relationship has not been as healthy as it was…

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