How to Score a Schengen Visa on an Indian Passport. 

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The Shooting Star

The thought of traveling in Europe fills my head with such dreamy images – colorful towns with cobbled streets, ageless cities in the backdrop of the Alps, the smell of fresh breads at local patisseries, people-watching at charming little cafes – that it often masks the pain of applying for a Schengen visa.

Unlike tourist visas for the US and Canada, Schengen visas for Indians tend to be issued for a much shorter duration. Given my frequent trips to Europe, I’ve scored 8 Schengen visas so far, and only twice have I managed a 1-year multiple entry visa; the other visas have lasted the exact duration of my travels. But I haven’t let that stop me from exploring this unique part of the world!

montenegro, europe visa for indian, schengen visa for indians Montenegro… someday! Photo by Trish Hartmann; creative commons.

8 successful applications later, I know the Schengen Visa application process for Indians like the back of my hand…

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