Padma Purana.

Padma Purana consists of five sections.

Verse number – 55 thousand
Subject List –

Srishti Khand – The origin and history of the creation to Bhishma by Maharishi Pulastya, the greatness of Pushkar Tirtha, the method of Brahma Yagya, various types of donations and fasting,

The marriage of Parvati, the story of Tarakasur, the greatness of Gaumata, the killing of the Kalkeya demon, the method of worshiping and donating planets.

Bhoomi Khand – The ancient story of Shivasharma, the story of Suvrata, the story of the killing of Vritrasur, the story of Prithu, Ven and Sunitha, the story of Nahusha, Yayati Chari

Story of Ashok Sundari, Slaughter of Hund Daitya, Slaughter of Vihund Daitya, Mahatma Chyawan and Kunjal Dialogue

Swarg Khand – The condition of all the worlds including the earth and the description of the pilgrimages, the story of the origin of Narmada and the description of their pilgrimages, the story of Kalindi, the greatness of Kashi, Gaya and Prayag,

Representation of deeds suited to Varna and Ashram, Vyasa-Jamini dialogue, Story of churning of ocean, Greatness of Bhishmapanchak

Patal Khand – Coronation of Shri Ram, description of Pulastya dynasty, teaching of Ashwamedha, Glory of Jagannathji, Vrindavan

Glory of Vaishakh Snan, Bhoomi Varaha Dialogue, Story of Dadhichi, Shiva Mahatmya, Story of Gautam Rishi

Uttar Khand – The story of the mountain told by Lord Shiva to Gauri, the story of Jalandhar, the story of King Sagar, the greatness of food donation, the greatness of twenty four Ekadashis,

The description of Vishnu Sahasranama, the greatness of Kartik fast, the origin story of Lord Narasimha, the greatness of the Gita, the greatness of Shrimad Bhagwat, the virtuous story of incarnations like Matsya, etc.

The glory of Indraprastha, the test of Lord Vishnu by Maharishi Bhrigu

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