Vishnu Purana.

The principles of all the scriptures have been collected in Vishnu Purana. In this, Ved Vyas ji has told the story of Varahkalp.

Verse number - 23 thousand
Subject List –

East part - Origin of gods, story of churning of ocean, description of the lineage of Prajapati Daksha, character of Dhruva and Prithu, story of Prahlad, deities through Brahmaji,

The description of giving different rights to the head of the human classes, the description of the earth, the Hades and the hells, 

Bharat Charitra, Nidagh and Ribhu dialogues, description of Manvantaras, incarnation of Veda Vyasa, Remedy of salvation from hell, Sagara and Aurva dialogues, Shraddhakalpa and Varnashrama Dharma, Virtue representation,

The story of Mayamoha, the story of Suryavansh, the description of Chandravansh, the story of Gokul, the slaughter of Putna etc. by Shri Krishna, Aghasur's slaughter, Kansa's slaughter, Mathurapuri's Leela, Dwarka Leela,

The story of the different marriages of Lord Shri Krishna, the anecdote of Ashtavakra, the character of Kaliyuga, the description of four types of catastrophe, the teaching of Brahmagyan to Janak through Keshidhwaj

Answer part - Many virtuous vows, Yama Niyama, Dharmashastra, Economics, Vedanta, Astrology, Stotra, Mantra etc. Description of the Vidyas, the story of Varahkalpa

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