What is Garuda Purana? What is written in Garuda Purana?

It has been told in the scriptures that whoever has taken birth, he must die one day or the other. In such a situation, there are some traditions after death in our Hindu religion, which have to be compulsorily followed by the family members of the deceased. This is one of these traditions. When a death occurs, the Garuda Purana should be recited regularly at the house of the deceased. But the question arises, what is this Garuda Purana after all? What is written in Garuda Purana? Today we will tell you seven such very important things, So that you will get the knowledge of the importance of Garuda Purana. Along with this, I will also tell you the rules of reading Garuda Purana, which every living person should follow with great ease. So that all kinds of difficulties coming in life can be faced with great ease and in the end happiness and glory can be attained. It has been told in the Garuda Purana that anyone dies. His soul resides in the same house for about 13 days, until the turban ritual is completed. In such a situation, if Garuda Purana is recited regularly at home. So it is only by listening to it that it becomes possible for the soul to attain peace and salvation. Generally people are curious to know the answer to many questions related to birth and death. In such a situation, when a person dies, these questions become even stronger in the minds of the family members. In such a situation, the curiosities of the mind are pacified only by listening to this Purana, because the answers to all these questions have been given in it.

The Garuda Purana begins with the origin of Manu and the universe. After that another Puranic story is told in it. Along with this, giving a brief description of 24 incarnations of Lord Vishnu, explaining the importance of devotion and worship. Apart from this, information about the mantras of the Navagrahas Shiva, Parvati, Indra, Saraswati and the nine powers has also been given.

Basically, if seen, the Garuda Purana can be divided into two parts. In its first part, the importance of devotion and worship of Shri Hari has been told, while in the second part, the importance of birth and death has been told Beautifully depicted mysteries.

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  1. Rituals and traditions give a strong anchor for us to sail through these very difficult life experiences. I appreciated knowing more about the Garuda Purana.

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